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What if you stopped “what iffing”?

OK, not exactly part of my fitness journey, but I really liked Seth Godin this morning.  And the truth is, I have way less “iffing” now that I have training.  Too busy doing things and improving to worry about what ifs.  Well, not entirely, but certainly LESS.


A quick peek back….

I am visiting Montreal this week… and went into our local office after a client visit, and Immediately ran into someone I trained on Project Management – in a 3 day session in Oct 2014.

She was like “Woah!  Look at you, blah, blah….”.  And reminded me that when I trained them, I had talked about adult learning, and how I had just joined a gym and was having to hold someones hand in order to squat, or I’d fall over.  I guess I used it as an analogy to some other topic in the sessions.

Anyway, I was 35# heavier then.  And probably walking with a bit more swagger now.  🙂   ……And she said … “I guess you figured it out . ”

Yeah, I guess I did!






Won’t be getting to the gym today. Already @ the airport (7:30 AM, and at the gate…), and arrive to DFW just in time to check in and get ready for cocktails.

It’s funny how addicted I have become to the gym.    It isn’t even just that I notice if I don’t go (after the fact), but…I actually  CRAVE it. Such a strange little anticipation feeling… I’d go so far as to say an urgency.

Anyway; @ a trade show for 4 days, so … I brought gym stuff, but doubt I’ll really get into the gym.  Let’s see how it goes!