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Doing something…

So, that’s a bit of an issue.  3kgs over the weight I want to be for the meet in a week.  Garth and Jerimiah don’t want me to do any cutting …and to be fair; I should have been a bit more controlled before, but it is what it is and I don’t want to abuse myself over it.  There’s enough going on with a first meet that some compassion is in order as well.  There’s that theme again.

Anyway, in looking at cutting (not gonna but was …) there was some stuff that I divited I CAN do that will move me closer without undue pressure.  And just cause I won’t make it is no reason to give up, either.  I am just not ramping up to crazy.

So here’s the plan;

  • I’m going to swap out my 2-3 a day fruits for veggies.
  •  I’m going to replace one of the 2 daily yogurt with chicken.
  • I might try to cut water (reduce sodium and drink more until Wednesday and then taper…but will see what Jerimiah says about that.

Control, but compassion.  That theme again.  Not nothing, but not crazy.

Oh, and I went for a run tonight.  🙂


A quick peek back….

I am visiting Montreal this week… and went into our local office after a client visit, and Immediately ran into someone I trained on Project Management – in a 3 day session in Oct 2014.

She was like “Woah!  Look at you, blah, blah….”.  And reminded me that when I trained them, I had talked about adult learning, and how I had just joined a gym and was having to hold someones hand in order to squat, or I’d fall over.  I guess I used it as an analogy to some other topic in the sessions.

Anyway, I was 35# heavier then.  And probably walking with a bit more swagger now.  🙂   ……And she said … “I guess you figured it out . ”

Yeah, I guess I did!





what’s the skinny?


In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been called ‘skinny’ twice.  Not that I am skinny…. technically, I am still overweight.  But it was an acknowledgement of my progress, and meant to be flattering. And truly; it was;  I felt the smile immediately rise.

Still; each time it left me thinking after :  why THAT word?  It’s kind of weird that somehow that’s a compliment.  And I am not shitting on anyone intent;  after all, I was flattered…. but there is something a bit off, I think, that the word has some sort of value associated with it. I can’t quite place my feelings, but…. I have decided I don’t like that word.


I did my first session of programming towards meet prep lat night.  It was intense.  I thought I’d already been working hard, but this was a new level….

And I feel good.  The targets we set forb the meet seem high, but with an apparent plan for increased intensity…. suddenly it feels less scary.

We also talked about making weight.  I am about 15 overweight yet.  I am not aiming for super-lean, but around 27% body fat would be good. I’m not trending down fast enough, but Jerimiah figures with the increased intensity, I’ll see better traction there as well.   We’ll keep an eye on that over the next few weeks and see if we have to modify the caloric balance.

it’ll all be ok….

I had written ” it’ll (probably) be all ok…” , and then the following, with the ‘probably’ being because I am not registered, but hope to be. And then I figured, well, it’s ok either way, isn’t it?  I do really want this, but it’s not life or death.  🙂

So…. Let’s start over!

it’ll ALL BE OK.

So, regarding my last post, and me missing registration for the August PL meet… we think I can be ready by July, so I’ll sign up for the July 9th one.  Registration is not open until May (so I can’t really say I have “checked that box” yet”, and you know how I feel about loose ends….) so I can’t say I AM signed up. But I WILL.  I WILL!

And it will all work out. And I will make weight.  And I will lift whatever I can, which may or may not be 500.5# by then.  🙂





oh crap….

weight trendI waited to long to sign up for the meet in August.  It’s full.  I feel gutted (which is a pretty extreme reaction.  But I guess a good sign, as had I felt relieved I’d question my motivation…)

I have asked Jerimiah for advice;  if I can make a July event in terms of readiness.  I am not worried about some big number; just want to be able to hit my best numbers or close to them for the day.  Right now, I am not regularly doing anything near my 1RM, so that’ll take a bit.

And I need to lose more weight to get into the 63kg class, which I think is somewhere around my sweet-spot for day-to-day comfort in my own skin.   Based on my current trajectory, I can be there by July(ish) IF IF IF IF I am a bit more disciplined when I travel (that’s those up-ticks.)


starting to calm down….

Believe it or not, it’s taken me a few days to relax from the “I got my CPU Card” hype of March 4th.   At this rate, I still have to :

  • sign up for a competition
  • prep for said competition
  • cut weight
  • figure out and get used to singlet, belt and knee sleeves

Which all sound pretty easy, right?  except SIGNING UP FOR THE CARD was an emotional high.

I gotta get a grip.  Or maybe, just maybe….this is why I have so much fun.  I am made up of mostly feelings, after all.  Why not throw some more on the fire!  🙂