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Miss me yet?

It’s been a few weeks since I have written.  It’s weird;  I enjoy it, and yet when I stopped for a bit (some business travel had me busy), it was not something I craved to get back to.  I was worried that the same may happen to the gym. That I might have lost the love for it.

As it happens, I didn’t.  Friday was tough:  struggled with everything.   Saturday was better. And today, while not a heavy weight day, felt like old times.  Back in the saddle. Add whatever euphemism here.  I really missed it.  And it’s so good to be back.


poverty numbers….

Was in Vancouver this week; did go to the gym once in the 3 days, but the numbers were sad, sad, sad.

Going today, and again tomorrow early AM.  I guess we’ll see if I have anything in the tank at all.  🙂

oh crap….

weight trendI waited to long to sign up for the meet in August.  It’s full.  I feel gutted (which is a pretty extreme reaction.  But I guess a good sign, as had I felt relieved I’d question my motivation…)

I have asked Jerimiah for advice;  if I can make a July event in terms of readiness.  I am not worried about some big number; just want to be able to hit my best numbers or close to them for the day.  Right now, I am not regularly doing anything near my 1RM, so that’ll take a bit.

And I need to lose more weight to get into the 63kg class, which I think is somewhere around my sweet-spot for day-to-day comfort in my own skin.   Based on my current trajectory, I can be there by July(ish) IF IF IF IF I am a bit more disciplined when I travel (that’s those up-ticks.)