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crinked up for what?

lower back …. ugh.  And I hardly did anything. Just the de-rack and PING


i feel weird about food…..

Yesterday I felt weird because I was dis-interested in food. That’s like being disinterested in shoes.  Or kittens.  But I figured it was just a one-off.

But I feel that way again today.

I was thinking of going this direction – SOYLENT.  But then I might feel even worse than disinterested.

I wanted the relationship to change.  But not this much.  Booo!

Well, let’s see tomorrow.  Tonight is a lovely Italian joint for a work event, so maybe it’ll re-pique my appetite.


On a very serious note….

A guy had what appeared to be a heart attack at the gym today.  It was a crazy scene;  CPR, defibrillator and the whole 9 yards.  I don’t know what to say,…. this blog has been a diary to log my progress and cheer myself on.  I don’t feel cheery. Life is so short, and I am (arguably) more than 1/2 way through it.  Suddenly, I feel fragile.