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Compassion… hopefully

I’m on another business trip this week. I got into the gym yesterday, but now I won’t be back until Friday.  That means three days out of my home gym.

And I have an event on Saturday with a girlfriend, that means no training with Jerimiah on Saturday either.

Of course there is a gym at the hotel; and Jerimiah mentioned the same.  But…..
I hit the snooze button almost a dozen times this morning.   I’m tired.  Two of my last three workouts were really frustrating.  And business travel is tiring.

So…. While  I’m going to see how I feel, I decided I won’t go to the gym here unless I really feel like it.

Compassion (along with restraint, control and some others) is one of my themes for this year.   Including compassion for myself.

I’m hoping this decision is a compassionate one and not a lazy one.



Won’t be getting to the gym today. Already @ the airport (7:30 AM, and at the gate…), and arrive to DFW just in time to check in and get ready for cocktails.

It’s funny how addicted I have become to the gym.    It isn’t even just that I notice if I don’t go (after the fact), but…I actually  CRAVE it. Such a strange little anticipation feeling… I’d go so far as to say an urgency.

Anyway; @ a trade show for 4 days, so … I brought gym stuff, but doubt I’ll really get into the gym.  Let’s see how it goes!