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Goals trim

At the outset of the year, I decided that I wanted to improve, but resolutions were not exactly for me.  But I did want to think about what was IMPORTANT for me, and keep those at the forefront whenever possible. My list:

  • Fit
  • Control
  • Compassion
  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Honour

They aren’t fully formed resolutions: Just things that were important to consider.  And they were about balance. Controlling food but not being compassionate to myself, for example, would not be a ‘win’.

Anyway, I was being a bit scared about the upcoming meet, and one of the Mavens referred to something that reminded me to check my list.   My fear is allowed a voice: she is trying to protect me. So I should have compassion for myself, and not be embarrassed that I am afraid.  But it won’t decide.


High Tea and abs..

I went to a HighTea yesterday (for clarity, this was not a bunch of people with weed and some chamomile) for a friends Wedding Shower. I wore a suitable dress that I just got relatively recently. Which, when I got it, was pretty a pretty tight fit and very stiff fabric (smile, but don’t breathe, if you know what I mean). A little lady-like number that would not look out of place at a tea party. So, I wore it. And it didn’t fit. Actually, there was ALOT of room. Which is weird cause I didn’t think I had lost THAT much weight in the last few months.

As it happens, it’s 8# (so a bit more than I thought) in the last few months. Still not enough to have made the amount of room I had in this dress (ps; I do miss my tits, just a little bit)… so it’s apparent that indeed you can change your shape without changing your weight. So while you can’t believe everything you read, I guess you can believe that.

We did it!!!!

37 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Kim could have gone faster without me, no doubt.  But I made it up the stairs!!

144 flights

1776 stairs

My time does not put me early on the bell-curve…. but I feel amazing! 14 months ago I joined the gym because I was winded after 2 flights of stairs.  I was winded on the CN Tower climb too.  🙂   But so was everyone else!


The Mavens and I did Mudderella. It was muddy.  Imagine that.  I swear that they put liquid soap in the mud to slick it up. I hope it was soap, anyway. Here’s me and the end of the first obstacle.  Note the smile and (relatively) clean clothes.

This next one is about 1/2 way. Still smiling.  More dirty.

Let’s just say that by the end… The smile was one of relief.

It was really amazing to see all the women around helping one another…. strangers and friends alike.   I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

A great day with the mavens….but I had mud everywhere.   Not even past tense. I am still dealing with some sort of super-adhesive film.

Anyway….I am proud of us.  But maybe next time; the spa?