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Back under the bar!

Calendar from LIFTIUM. Love this little app!

2 weeks of mostly white space owing to a back spasm…but back at it now.  Exceptionally low weight, but hopefully can get to 135# squat in a week and then fight for the next 20# back.
It’s hard to lose traction as I fall SO far back.  😦

But I gave a lot of fight in me …or at least am developing it, so it’s not a rush.

Perhaps compassion, to myself, is just another version of restraint to learn.


On a very serious note….

A guy had what appeared to be a heart attack at the gym today.  It was a crazy scene;  CPR, defibrillator and the whole 9 yards.  I don’t know what to say,…. this blog has been a diary to log my progress and cheer myself on.  I don’t feel cheery. Life is so short, and I am (arguably) more than 1/2 way through it.  Suddenly, I feel fragile.

How to slow down, Part II

NikeFuel showing my slowdown ….

IMG_0845 Well, 2 days I just didn’t even bother wearing it.  The rest is me geared down.  But a week and a bit of physio (I figured, why mess around?) I actually feel better than ever.

This guy was amazing: PHYSIO   It’s been a few days since my last session, and I still feel great.  Even when I went to that one…. I wasn’t feeling like anything was sideways.

I still probably lost a month of progress on deadlifts and squats, which has me less than stoked. I  am already a late bloomer and a slow progresser ….but I try to think that it’s good for my character.