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all by myself….(well, today, anyway….)

PRESSING PICSBefore, during and after…. 5 X 135# (3 sets).  Hardly a big number, I know, BUT… the most I have ever moved without a spotter!  I am trying to get more comfy under the bar.  I was AOK.  So I will try to keep increasing my ‘solo’ weight in the same increments at my weights with Jerimiah…. so they won’t ever be the same, but as long as I move with JW, I also move alone.




OMG OMG OMG omg omg

I signed up for my Powerlifting card.  Which does not mean much, I guess.  Except that I signed up for it because that’s the only way I can register for a meet.  Yep… I am gonna try a competition!   Scared, psyched…. the full gamut.