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Testing day

We tested squats and deads today.  Did squat testing Saturday too, but we shall not discuss it.

Anyway: Jerimiah let me try his knee sleeves.  And it felt really good.  155# squat, but here’s the good part:  TO DEPTH!!!  Needless to say: I just bought a pair.

And deadlift:  185#.

Add that up to Bench from a week ago, and we are at 450#.  52# off his BAM (bare-ass-minimum) for the July 9th meet.  You’ll notice I switched from we/our to HIS on that one.  I think he has a bit of over optimism there.  Anyway…. it’s closer than I thought I’d be by now, so… maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle, as usual.

Testing again Wednesday, and then I travel and am gymless for 2 weeks!


starting to calm down….

Believe it or not, it’s taken me a few days to relax from the “I got my CPU Card” hype of March 4th.   At this rate, I still have to :

  • sign up for a competition
  • prep for said competition
  • cut weight
  • figure out and get used to singlet, belt and knee sleeves

Which all sound pretty easy, right?  except SIGNING UP FOR THE CARD was an emotional high.

I gotta get a grip.  Or maybe, just maybe….this is why I have so much fun.  I am made up of mostly feelings, after all.  Why not throw some more on the fire!  🙂