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Hooray for hobitses

SPecialI don’t know why this pleases me so much, but it does…





a big ol’ ball of chi….

Yep.  today in yoga I was told to move the ball forward, and back, forward and back…. like I was moving a big ball of chi.  ’cause that is a reference that helps.   Love this girl; her voice is amazing, and she has a great way about her.  But every class, there is one yoga-ism that makes me go “huh?”

duck lips…..

My gym (yes, MY GYM… I have decided that I am a gym person, vs just a person going to the gym…) seems to have 4 types of ladies;


a)  Super duper fit. like, crazy fit.  like, hard not to stare….

b)  People not as fit, who are staring at type “a”

c)   People who aren’t fit at all, but are trying!

d)  type A, but add these injection looking duck-lips, and a lot of make-up


I say this because there are actually ALOT of type D.  And I just don’t get it.   I started as Type c, am now type b.  And maybe someday, will be a type a.  🙂  But I really hope that type D is not some inevitability of extreme gym-ness….