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Chase Mavens

Natalie and I were at City Chase today –  It was a hoot!  Link   Not all exercise has to be in the gym.



I love training on Fridays….

I don’t know how that warrants a full post, but it does.   I have been like “I feel great.  I love gym on Friday. Wow, I feel pumped. blah blah blah .” So…. either I am having a bit of a moment…. or there’s something to this Friday thing. It’s happened before, so I am going with the latter.


starting to calm down….

Believe it or not, it’s taken me a few days to relax from the “I got my CPU Card” hype of March 4th.   At this rate, I still have to :

  • sign up for a competition
  • prep for said competition
  • cut weight
  • figure out and get used to singlet, belt and knee sleeves

Which all sound pretty easy, right?  except SIGNING UP FOR THE CARD was an emotional high.

I gotta get a grip.  Or maybe, just maybe….this is why I have so much fun.  I am made up of mostly feelings, after all.  Why not throw some more on the fire!  🙂

So full….

My food tracker reminded me that if “every day were like today” I’d gain 10 pounds in five weeks.

I don’t think that’s the Christmas spirit.  🙂

I love “My Fitness Pal”, and for sure they don’t adopt that social/casual style that some of the brands I love do…. but would it have killed them to say like “Don’t worry;  there’s always tomorrow”.  or “Don’t look; you don’t want to know”?

the knee bone’s connected to the (pause) thigh bone….

Driving to work in the dark, and back in the dark. Summer is really , really gone. But I had such a GREAT summer, that winter seems less oppressive.

I had a great summer because we were out, active, enjoying the outdoors all the time.

We were out, and active, because I really learned to like cycling and we have some great trails.

I was able to learn to like cycling because it was work, but not too hard, and really actually enjoyable!

It wasn’t so hard because I am fit!

I got fit because I joined GOODLIFE and got a trainer and did the work.


Oh, I’m buff… under here….

Went for a spa day with my bestie yesterday.  Massage dude (who had a thing for feet, but… more on that later), said my muscles seemed “dense, tight”.  I said I worked out a lot. To which he replied…”Oh yeah, you don’t look buff”.


To which I replied “under this layer of fat, I am way buff”.

And then the foot thing .  Which on second thought, I care not to relive.  But it was a little creepy.  He is going to be a chiropodist. Which I guess is like a guy who has a thing for asses becoming a proctologist.





We did it!!!!

37 Minutes, 25 Seconds

Kim could have gone faster without me, no doubt.  But I made it up the stairs!!

144 flights

1776 stairs

My time does not put me early on the bell-curve…. but I feel amazing! 14 months ago I joined the gym because I was winded after 2 flights of stairs.  I was winded on the CN Tower climb too.  🙂   But so was everyone else!