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Come on now, be a good sport…

KH thinks Instagram is killing powerlifting.  That its losing its edge.  That it’s no longer true to its origins.   I am one of those very same people influenced  by my Instagram feed. And I love it.

‘Cause while I hear him, I have to figure that if staying the way you were was so important…. he’d still only be pulling 3 plates….

Progress, after all, requires that you are  not the same as before.  It means better.  I guess we just differ on whether we think the surge in popularity, and the way that it’s being shared has made it better, worse, or just changed it.

I guess I can only say….. better for ME!

We also debated the POINT of sports.  He insists (and my sweet better half agrees) that it’s ONLY about winning and losing.  The whole point. The be-all-and-end-all.  I disagree, but it’s based on feeling, vs rational.  But I figure that if I push myself to a limit (an HONEST push).  If I am improving.  If I don’t give up.  (And have fun), then it still counts. Win or lose.

So…. it’s a SPORT, and I AM AN ATHLETE.