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the knee bone’s connected to the (pause) thigh bone….

Driving to work in the dark, and back in the dark. Summer is really , really gone. But I had such a GREAT summer, that winter seems less oppressive.

I had a great summer because we were out, active, enjoying the outdoors all the time.

We were out, and active, because I really learned to like cycling and we have some great trails.

I was able to learn to like cycling because it was work, but not too hard, and really actually enjoyable!

It wasn’t so hard because I am fit!

I got fit because I joined GOODLIFE and got a trainer and did the work.



OK, I made it; now where are the cookies?

We cycled 47 kms today from Niagara on the lake to Niagara Falls.  Jim was super patient and held back with me as I struggled a few times with the hills.  Garth seems tireless and I don’t know how he does that!  Susan (of course)  is fit as a fiddle and had no problem.

Had a good burger (and mediocre country music) at the Hard Rock Cafe at the halfway point.  Other than the satisfaction of ‘making it’ ….the burger was a highlight.  But a am pretty proud of myself….

It was good to spend some time with J&S …. Although I would have taken an afternoon with them of nachos and beer (or wine and crudités’s, or milk and cookies) just as well.  🙂