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Change of platform? hmmm

I was thinking about changing platforms… not sure why. I don’t really have followers per se.  Well, a few, but it’s mostly an open diary.  Yet, I really liked the feel of WEEBLY.  I posted 2 old ones there to get the gist of how the site worked.

Talking to my hubby this AM, I was of 2 minds. On one hand, (I said) what difference does it make, if its really a diary?  It should be whatever is the easiest to write on. So why was I even considering it?  Him: (always logical, this one)… of course it matters how it ‘feels and looks’, if it matters to you. It’s part of the experience.

OK, then why NOT change?  I could lose the few followers I have.  But again: if it’s really just a diary, what difference does it make?  I guess I have a little ego about the few little “likes” and high fives I do get.

So;  …. I am torn.  And spending way too much time thinking about the choice.   If anyone is out there….what do YOU think?