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Compassion… hopefully

I’m on another business trip this week. I got into the gym yesterday, but now I won’t be back until Friday.  That means three days out of my home gym.

And I have an event on Saturday with a girlfriend, that means no training with Jerimiah on Saturday either.

Of course there is a gym at the hotel; and Jerimiah mentioned the same.  But…..
I hit the snooze button almost a dozen times this morning.   I’m tired.  Two of my last three workouts were really frustrating.  And business travel is tiring.

So…. While  I’m going to see how I feel, I decided I won’t go to the gym here unless I really feel like it.

Compassion (along with restraint, control and some others) is one of my themes for this year.   Including compassion for myself.

I’m hoping this decision is a compassionate one and not a lazy one.


baby quads….

baby quads.png

One of the nice things about training with Jerimiah has been the focus on form/strength.  ‘Cause while I did join the gym to get actually FIT and not just LOOK fit, it would be easy to consider the aesthetic only.  And it’s way more fun to focus on gains.  So imperial.  So simple.  So objective.  No judgement.  Either IS, or ISN’T.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Nevertheless…. allow me a little bit of pride here:  I have quads!  little baby muscles!

what’s the skinny?


In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been called ‘skinny’ twice.  Not that I am skinny…. technically, I am still overweight.  But it was an acknowledgement of my progress, and meant to be flattering. And truly; it was;  I felt the smile immediately rise.

Still; each time it left me thinking after :  why THAT word?  It’s kind of weird that somehow that’s a compliment.  And I am not shitting on anyone intent;  after all, I was flattered…. but there is something a bit off, I think, that the word has some sort of value associated with it. I can’t quite place my feelings, but…. I have decided I don’t like that word.

High Tea and abs..

I went to a HighTea yesterday (for clarity, this was not a bunch of people with weed and some chamomile) for a friends Wedding Shower. I wore a suitable dress that I just got relatively recently. Which, when I got it, was pretty a pretty tight fit and very stiff fabric (smile, but don’t breathe, if you know what I mean). A little lady-like number that would not look out of place at a tea party. So, I wore it. And it didn’t fit. Actually, there was ALOT of room. Which is weird cause I didn’t think I had lost THAT much weight in the last few months.

As it happens, it’s 8# (so a bit more than I thought) in the last few months. Still not enough to have made the amount of room I had in this dress (ps; I do miss my tits, just a little bit)… so it’s apparent that indeed you can change your shape without changing your weight. So while you can’t believe everything you read, I guess you can believe that.