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New targets

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My first powerlifting meet…

I was in my first powerlifting meet yesterday.   I hesitate to call it a competition; I pulled less weight than anyone.  Well, except the guy that bombed out on his three benchpress attempts and didn’t get to finish.

And I finally get the concept of only competing against yourself.  I never understood it when golfers talked about it. And to be fair, I’m pretty sure a number of them (golfers and powerlifters) care a lot more about competing with the other participants than it being only about beating your best. But, I’m really not worried  about the low weight, or my missed third attempt on bench.  In fact, I’m really proud I tried for the 115# BP. I’ve never been able to do it in the gym before with the pause, & I was feeling really good.  And maybe I could have gotten it if I was just a bit slower.   But I actually tried something that had a goodly chance of failure ….. In front of a bunch of people.

Because nobody wanted me to miss.    It wasn’t a competition at that moment; not against each other anyway.  Just me and the bar.  And everyone got it.

And now I have numbers.   A very clear place from which to improve.      To measure progress.  I was impressed by a lot of people yesterday.  But I don’t remember their numbers.  Just their resolve.

Me.  The bar.  It’s so simple that it’s hard to understand how I didn’t get it before.  But I do now.  And that’s progress too….

Balls to the wall!

I went to my first power lifting meet today. It was amazing. I cheered for strangers. I did virtual deadlifts with my butt and quads everytime someone had to really grind it out.

Super impressed with Yordanos – pulled ridiculous big numbers, and kept going back for more.

What was the most compelling thing, tho, were the fails. In a number of those cases, someone did a lift, but despite an obvious determination, couldn’t do the next one. Now of course people have limits at any given time. I knew that; that is not the compelling thing. But the hit-and-then-miss today was often evidence that someone had actually hit their limit; and didn’t leave a single ounce undelivered. I just don’t think that you get to see that a lot in life today. And it’s INSPIRING.