2 years of hard work 

It took a lot longer than I expected.   I joined the gym nearly 2 years ago…and still have a way to go to “fit”.    I have come a long way, though, and looking at the transformation, it still seems like a big accomplishment.   There has never been anything fast or easy about it… Just steady, incremental progress.   
When I think about how many choices I had to make the last two years that added up to this…. The good and the bad…. It’s a wonder I made it.  I couldn’t of done it without encouragement of an amazing PT who helped me the movements,  manage the progress, and probably most importantly… Have fun (or something close to it ) while doing it.   

The mavens encouraged me too.  I’m lucky to have such good girlfriends.  

And Garth has been amazing.  He’s been a cheerleader,  but has also helped managing food, encouraging me to prioritize the gym… And listened to me go on and on about powerlifting.  

But the truth is and I say this without an ounce of either shame or pride…. Mostly this was ME. Of course of course I couldn’t have done it without the support mentioned above …for sure.  But I did the work.  I made those choices.  

Ok; so I take it back.  I AM PROUD. Blessed and proud.


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