Food Swap 

Some say a calorie is a calorie.    I can’t say that really makes sense to me from at least some perspectives.   Maybe if it’s about weight loss?  But I still figure your body handles all sorts of different calories in very different ways.  And some calories come with a wealth of other “good stuff “.

So with that in mind, here is the first swap I making as I head towards my first meet.  Two or three times a week I used to have seven of these (very delicious, crunchy) chocolate eggs before the gym to give myself a bit of energy.   It was one of the things where I was still probably more interested in the experience than the fuel, if I’m honest.
Anyway, that’s the (caloric) equivalent of 3 of these figs, which I’ll now have instead.
Although perhaps I should ask Garth to bring the rest of the eggs into work, just keep them out of my reach.  🙂


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