it’ll all be ok….

I had written ” it’ll (probably) be all ok…” , and then the following, with the ‘probably’ being because I am not registered, but hope to be. And then I figured, well, it’s ok either way, isn’t it?  I do really want this, but it’s not life or death.  🙂

So…. Let’s start over!

it’ll ALL BE OK.

So, regarding my last post, and me missing registration for the August PL meet… we think I can be ready by July, so I’ll sign up for the July 9th one.  Registration is not open until May (so I can’t really say I have “checked that box” yet”, and you know how I feel about loose ends….) so I can’t say I AM signed up. But I WILL.  I WILL!

And it will all work out. And I will make weight.  And I will lift whatever I can, which may or may not be 500.5# by then.  🙂






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