High Tea and abs..

I went to a HighTea yesterday (for clarity, this was not a bunch of people with weed and some chamomile) for a friends Wedding Shower. I wore a suitable dress that I just got relatively recently. Which, when I got it, was pretty a pretty tight fit and very stiff fabric (smile, but don’t breathe, if you know what I mean). A little lady-like number that would not look out of place at a tea party. So, I wore it. And it didn’t fit. Actually, there was ALOT of room. Which is weird cause I didn’t think I had lost THAT much weight in the last few months.

As it happens, it’s 8# (so a bit more than I thought) in the last few months. Still not enough to have made the amount of room I had in this dress (ps; I do miss my tits, just a little bit)… so it’s apparent that indeed you can change your shape without changing your weight. So while you can’t believe everything you read, I guess you can believe that.


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