target in sight….

We added 5# to my squat on Saturday.  That’s 145# (3 sets of 5).  I have come down a few pounds, but still weigh 156#.  So to hit my target of squatting my weight by the end of the year is within reach but not easy.

But I don’t really know what my 1RM is. So maybe it’s 5# more already?

Anyway, we’ll find out at the end of the month.  Jerimiah is going to set me up for a 1RM and we’ll see if I an do … whatever I weigh. 🙂

The chin up is looking more doubtful.  I am still 20# off at my 1RM.  And there’s no way I am losing 20# in a month.  I checked the cafeteria… we have butter chicken this week!  Turkey + stuffing next week!  So,…. unless I can add 20# of lift to my chin up (or unless earths gravity takes a major detour), I may be only 1 for 2.

But there is still time, and it ain’t over til it’s over!




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