A nifty year…

It’s been a year since I joined the gym… so I thought maybe instead of some anecdote’s about the current state of affairs … I’d give  some history.  And  since I have only 1 follower (and a charmer, he is)… I guess it’s more for me than anyone else. 🙂

In late August 2014, I was bringing laundry up 2 flights of stairs, and found myself huffing and puffing.  I did a lot of loads that weekend, and once I noticed it, it became very apparent that this happened every time. Being out of shape was not new…. It didn’t happen overnight, but the realization was so vivid, and I  was near panicked about doing something about it.

We joined the gym right away. Garth said he’d come along for the ride to  support me. We also got  personal trainers for a short  period (6 sessions?).  I wanted to aggressively approach my wellness, and it felt important to learn my way around the  equipment and what would help me achieve my goals.

The initial sales pitch assessment included a review  of what I wanted, and my as-is.  My 4 items to improve, very much in order of importance to me, was

  • strength
  • endurance
  • flexibility
  • weight

Well, a year later, and I have lost 15#.  I have to confess that I wish it was more.  I have done crash diets in the past, and have lost a lot of weight in a short period.  But I know this was a different approach and not a quick fix.  So on balance, I am really quite happy.  And my shape has changed a lot, so I look much more …. fit.  Still a lot  of (ahem) curves, but… I am  very proud of what  I  have  accomplished.   I put weight @ #4, and I  meant it, but have to keep reminding myself that it was not the  primary goal.

In terms of strength…when we added weight to my dumbell squats (after a few weeks) it was 5#.  Now it’s back  squats …. 120#.  I did 135#  once (sort  of), but I tried a barbell squat this week to do an apples-to-apples comparison, and  60# was do-able.  So  from 5# to 60#!

In terms of endurance:  I  did Mudderella in  July. MUDDERELLA. with some girlfriends.  I was tired, but I kept up.  And Garth and I  do 15 mile bike rides on many weekends.  FOR FUN.  And we have 121 shows on our PVR that we have not watched, because our couch time is way down.

Re: Flexibility… I am not  really sure.  I didn’t  have  the  same kind of benchmark that  I did with the other stuff.  I don’t really notice anything, but it does not bother me.  Once I  hit some of my other targets, maybe I will  cycle out one weight session a week for Yoga.

Anyway;  it’s been one of the most  amazing things I have ever done for myself.  I am proud of the hard work I have put into it..  And I still have  fun EVERY time I go to the gym.

Pretty cool….


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