Slow and steady…

I think Jerimiah is afraid to break me. After I hurt my back we’ve never really gone up with squats or deadlifts the same kind of weight as before.      To be fair, I have hit a cieling twice; and maybe he’s afraid I’ll quit. Although I re-upped my contract already, so maybe he’s just frustrated with me.   🙂

Again New JPG


Anyway… He shows no signs of giving up and I have 2 targets to hit by Christmas. THIS Christmas.

  • Squat my bodyweight
  • Unassisted chin-up

In it to win it.   Only the 1st one is one that is more than just putting in the effort.  I think I have both a head-space issue and some physical constraints around squats and deadlifts.  But both are achievable, so unless something odd happens… no excuses.  At the very least,  I have no excuses to putting the work in.  The results will hopefully then take care of themselves.


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