Squat or Not?

JW continuously modifies stuff so I can get it.  I am struggling so much with basics that he must be exasperated, but if he is, he keeps it to himself.  I feel like the most awkward thing ever.  The first few modifications, you can see him going through a list of ‘regression’ of the posture that he has done before.  Then he gets to a point where it’s a pause… and then a suggestion.  At it’s worst… he actually says he’ll think about it before the next session, on how we modify it further so ‘we’ can get it.  I challenge him on the ‘we’…. but he takes it pretty seriously that we are in it together… which is probably one of the reasons I have not given up.  🙂  I’ll get it, eventually….

I have decided I like him a bunch!  He explains things I don’t get without judgement.  I lucked out.  Hopefully he sticks around.


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